How Sturdy is the tub?
We use a material called drop stitch PVC. This is the same material as blow up paddle boards which allows the tub to be light weight and portable while being extremely rigid. When pumped up to 10 PSI the tub will easily hold a persons weight.
What are the benefits of The Chill chiller?

Using our chiller allows you to set a temperature to +- 1 deg C. For experienced Chill Pillers, the Chill allows a stringent temperature setting for consistent results and challenge your plunge experience both in time and temperature. For the beginner, you are able to set the water temperature from ambient and work towards a more challenging experience

What is the power requirement?

A standard 10A circuit is sufficient for the chiller. We recommend have a stand along circuit to prevent tripping the circuit breaker. Power usage is expected to be similar to a small chest freezer. Expected draw below 4Amps Note: this depends on ambient temperature and temperature setting of the chiller.

Can I use it outside?

The product is suitable for outdoor use; however, we highly recommend using the insulated tub cover for enhanced performance in outdoor settings. Furthermore, to maximize durability, it is advisable to provide shade from both sun and rain exposure if left outside. The chiller is rated to IPX4 but is not suited to exposure to direct rain but is water resistant.

How quickly does the water cool?

Expect the water to cool at approximately 5 deg per hour. This will vary with ambient and starting temperature of the water.

How much does the Chill Pill weigh?

The tub when packed away in its carry bag weighs 10 kgs. The chiller weighs 40 kgs but is transportable on its wheels with easy to use extending handle.

Does the Chill Pill have WIFI control?

You can connect the chiller to WiFI as long as you have a 2.4GHz connection. This allows you to control you chiller and set temperatures remotely through the mobile app. r

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What is the expected delivery time of the the Pill (tub only)?

You should expect us to deliver the Pill within 7 working days of your order being completed.

What is the expected delivery time of the Chill Pill (tub and chiller)?

We are currently experiencing longer manufacture time lines for our chillers. Currently expected delivery time is 12 to 15 weeks. We are endevouring to reduce this time line to the within 4 weeks. We will deliver the two separately if required to get you chilling ASAP.

What is the delivery cost of the Pill?

Chill (tub only)- shipping is .....

What is the delivery cost for the Chill Pill?

Shipping is free for the tub and chiller package.